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barbos.net is now on a new host. Thanks to CompleteWeb.net, everything is running faster and more smoothly than ever before!
barbos - April 22, 2005

Updated: Everquest II Server Status Graphic
I have created a dynamic graphic that will display the status of the Everquest II servers. This is more convenient that having to re-run the patcher to refresh the server status being displayed. In the event that servers are down, it will list them alphabetically.

Everquest 2 Server Status
barbos - February 20, 2005

Welcome to barbos.net!
Welcome to my development site. Currently development has been postponed until my host offers PHP 5 support.

I've had many ideas on what to do with the site. Currently most of the work has went to the back-end, so that it could help support future projects I might be involved with. However, I do wish to get into object oriented programming in PHP 5 (when the option becomes available on my host).

So until then, feel free to visit the links on either side.
barbos - February 16, 2005

Angel Mapper's Stuff
· Angel Mapper's Site

· CTF-Phase Shift
· DM-Reconstruct
· Badger Badger Model
· The Editor Has You
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